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What is 10FastFingers.com?

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10FastFingers.com is a comprehensive platform that offers various typing-related activities, including typing tests, competitions, practice sessions, and typing games. Users can test their typing speed with the 1-minute Typing Test, available in over 40 languages, and compare their results with friends.

The platform also features Typing Competitions, where users can compete against others to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Additionally, users can engage in Text Practice Mode, which allows them to practice difficult words, punctuations, special characters, or even paragraphs from books.

The website offers typing practice sessions to steadily improve typing speed and specific typing skills. With a mobile typing app available, users can even test their typing speed on their mobile devices. 10FastFingers.com aims to enhance users' typing skills through interactive and engaging activities.

Published on Oct. 23, 2023