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What is 2short.ai?

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2short.ai is an AI-powered platform that helps creators generate engaging YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Reels from their longer videos. It extracts the best moments from videos and converts them into short clips that drive views and subscribers at an accelerated rate.


  1. Speedy server-side exporting: The platform quickly exports AI-generated short clips, saving time and effort for creators.
  2. Repurpose videos: Creators can repurpose their long videos into captivating shorts, expanding their audience and reach.
  3. Time-saving AI analysis: The AI intelligently analyzes video content, identifying the most captivating parts and reducing the need for manual editing.
  4. Center stage facial tracking: The AI uses facial tracking technology to ensure active speakers remain at the center of the screen, maintaining their spotlight.
  5. Animated subtitles: Creators can effortlessly add animated subtitles to increase viewer engagement and watch time.
  6. Unlimited high-quality exports: Videos can be exported without watermarks in 1080p quality, making the content stand out.
  7. Versatile aspect ratios: The platform supports vertical, square, and horizontal aspect ratios, allowing creators to optimize shorts for various platforms.
  8. Advanced editing tools: Additional editing and cropping options are available for fine-tuning videos when automatic face tracking is not sufficient.
  9. Brand presets: Creators can add brand logos and overlays to their exported videos, enhancing their brand presence.

Use Cases:

  • Channel growth: Repurposing long videos into engaging shorts helps creators grow their YouTube channels and extend their audience reach.
  • Time efficiency: The AI analysis and editing features save valuable time for creators, allowing them to focus more on content creation.
  • Increased engagement: Animated subtitles and captivating moments extracted by AI enhance viewer engagement and watch time.
  • Brand identity: Brand presets enable creators to maintain a visually appealing and consistent brand presence across their shorts.
  • Content optimization: Versatile aspect ratios ensure that shorts are optimized for different platforms, maximizing their impact.
Published on Jan. 24, 2024