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What is Algomo?

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Algomo is a platform that allows businesses to build custom ChatGPT-like bots for their websites, enabling automated customer support. With Algomo, businesses can resolve customer inquiries, escalate to human agents when necessary, and provide personalized responses without the need for training or maintenance.


  1. Resolve: Instantly answer repetitive questions with the help of AI-powered bots.
  2. Route: Automatically label, categorize, and triage support interactions for efficient handling.
  3. Assist: Empower human agents with AI suggestions and live screen sharing for faster response times.
  4. Data Integrations: Seamlessly integrate support articles, past conversations, Slack channels, and other content sources to provide personalized answers.
  5. Omnichannel: Enable self-service on various communication channels, including business messenger, Slack, and email.
  6. Human Chat: Hand-over conversations to the appropriate specialists when needed using the built-in live chat module.
  7. Multilingual: Scale internationally by delivering personalized customer experiences in over 100 languages.

Use Cases:

  • Automated Customer Support: Use Algomo to handle repetitive customer inquiries, reducing costs and improving response times.
  • Efficient Support Triage: Automatically categorize and route support interactions to the appropriate teams, streamlining the support process.
  • Agent Assistance: Empower human agents with AI suggestions and live screen sharing to enhance their productivity and improve customer service.
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: Utilize data integrations to provide personalized answers based on past conversations and support articles.
  • Multilingual Support: Serve customers in their preferred language by leveraging Algomo's multilingual chatbot capabilities.
Published on Jan. 31, 2024