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What is AppMaster?

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AppMaster is a powerful no-code platform that allows you to easily build web and mobile applications without the need for coding skills. It provides a range of intuitive visual editing tools and AI-generated backends to streamline the app development process.


  1. Mobile Apps Builder: Drag and drop elements to create native mobile applications quickly.
  2. Integrations: Connect and integrate your favorite tools seamlessly.
  3. Web Apps Designer: Build web applications and admin panels with a user-friendly visual builder.
  4. Data Models Designer: Design data models with various field types effortlessly.
  5. Business Process Editor: Visually create and manage complex business processes.
  6. Industries: Choose industry-specific solutions tailored to your needs.
  7. No-Code: Enjoy the benefits of a no-code platform for rapid app development.

Use Cases:

  • Mobile App Development: Create customized native mobile apps for various purposes.
  • Web App Development: Build web applications and control your mobile apps with ease.
  • Data Management: Design flexible and efficient data models for your applications.
  • Business Process Automation: Streamline and automate complex business processes.
  • Industry Solutions: Access industry-specific solutions for different sectors.
Published on Jun. 18, 2024