Automatically index all of your web pages on Google.

What is AutoPageRank?

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AutoPageRank is a powerful tool designed to automatically index all of your websites' pages on Google, eliminating the need to wait for weeks for your pages to be indexed. It offers the following features:

1. Fast and Automatic Indexing: AutoPageRank allows you to index all of your website's pages on Google in the fastest and most efficient way. No more waiting for weeks to get your pages indexed - AutoPageRank speeds up the process.

2. Simple Setup: Getting started is easy with AutoPageRank. You need to create a Google Cloud Service Account and authorize it as a website owner for all of your Google Search Console websites. This step ensures that your pages can be indexed correctly.

3. Google Cloud Service Account Integration: AutoPageRank seamlessly integrates with your Google Cloud Service Account. You simply need to insert your Google Cloud Service Account JSON into AutoPageRank, and it will start indexing up to 200 pages per day across all of your websites.

4. Automatic Indexing: Once set up, AutoPageRank takes care of automatically indexing all of your websites' pages. Every single day, your pages will be indexed without any manual intervention. Additionally, each page will be reindexed when its turn in the queue comes up, ensuring that you always have the latest version of your website indexed.

5. Synchronization with Google Search Console: You can easily synchronize all of your Google Search Console websites with AutoPageRank. This step ensures that all of your ownership-level websites are correctly synchronized, allowing for smooth indexing.

6. SiteMap Integration: To use AutoPageRank, each website must have at least one valid SiteMap. This is necessary for proper listing and indexing within AutoPageRank. Make sure your SiteMap is in place for effective indexing.

7. Daily Indexing Report: Every day, AutoPageRank sends you an email report detailing all the pages that have been indexed during the last indexing job run. This report keeps you informed about the progress of your website's indexing.

8. Auto Indexing Setup: With AutoPageRank's Auto Indexing feature, your websites' pages will be automatically reindexed with the latest version on Google. This ensures that your website's content is always up to date and accurately reflected in Google's index.

AutoPageRank simplifies the process of indexing your websites' pages on Google by automating the entire process. It saves you time and ensures that Google has the latest version of your website. Try AutoPageRank now and put your website's SEO on autopilot.

Published on Dec. 3, 2023