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What is Bonjourr?

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Bonjourr is a minimalist startpage designed to enhance your web browsing experience. It offers a serene and productive environment with its beautiful and customizable interface.

With dynamic 4K backgrounds that change according to the mood of the day, Bonjourr ensures that your new tabs always feel fresh and inspiring.


  1. iOS Design Language: Bonjourr adopts the sleek and elegant design language inspired by iOS and Apple.
  2. Dynamic 4K Backgrounds: Handpicked high-quality Unsplash photos provide stunning and ever-changing backgrounds.
  3. Fast & Lightweight: Built with vanilla JavaScript, Bonjourr is optimized for excellent performance.
  4. Search Bar: The integrated search bar is compatible with all search engines, allowing you to search seamlessly.
  5. Analog Clock: Choose between the default iPhone-style clock or customize it with a cool analog clock.
  6. Weather: Get a summary of your local current weather and forecast.
  7. Quick Links: Add and customize your bookmarks, change their icons, and import bookmarks from your browser.
  8. Dark Mode: Enjoy a beautiful automatic dark mode similar to iOS.
  9. Emoji as Favicon: Personalize your tabs with emojis as favicons.
  10. Custom CSS Styling: Add your own CSS to further customize the appearance.
  11. Custom Fonts: Select your preferred font from Google Fonts integration.
  12. Multilanguage: Available in more than 20 different languages.
Published on Jun. 14, 2024