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What is BotFleet?

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BotFleet is a platform that allows users to deploy Python bots and automate tasks using their Python scripts.

With the tool, users can create bots using their Python scripts and deploy them in the cloud. The platform provides built-in data storage support, eliminating the need for users to manage a separate database. Each bot created has access to a free key-value database for storing data.

Bots can be scheduled for execution at specific times or manually executed through the platform's user interface, REST API, and Python SDK. This flexibility allows users to automate tasks according to their desired schedule.

BotFleet offers a REST API and Python SDK, enabling users to perform various tasks such as creating and executing bots programmatically.

The website also provides an option to deploy a demo bot, which consists of three key components: the script, requirements, and environment variables. Users can deploy the demo bot for free to see how the platform works in action.

Published on Jan. 11, 2024