Best at verifying emails that are accept-all or protected by SEGs (Secure Email Gateway).

What is BounceBan?

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BounceBan is an email verification platform that excels at verifying accept-all emails and emails protected by SEGs. Unlike other solutions that simply mark all accept-alls as risky, BounceBan helps you identify which accept-all emails are actually deliverable, ensuring excellent overall delivery rates. They offer unlimited single email verifications for free forever.

1. Email Verification: BounceBan verifies all kinds of emails, with a focus on accept-all emails and those protected by SEGs. It uses proprietary algorithms to reliably determine the true deliverability of more than 50% of these emails.

2. Deliverability Analysis: BounceBan helps you uncover the true deliverability of accept-all emails. Their solution is powered by advanced algorithms that assess the likelihood of successful email delivery for different types of emails, including those from Office 365, Google Workspace, Yahoo, and major Email Security Gateways.

3. Higher Deliverability Rates: In bulk verification tests, BounceBan consistently identifies a higher percentage of deliverable emails compared to competitors (an average of 26% more). This means you can achieve better overall delivery rates while ensuring more emails reach their intended recipients.

4. All-in-One Platform: BounceBan offers a comprehensive email verification solution, eliminating the need for multiple tools. They handle various types of email verification tasks with ease, including single email verification, bulk email verification, daily verification for CRM emails, and API integration for custom solutions.

5. Real-Time Single Email Verification: You can verify a single email in real-time using BounceBan's platform. This feature is available for free, forever, allowing you to quickly check the deliverability of individual email addresses.

6. Bulk Email Verification: BounceBan allows you to upload a list of emails for verification in bulk. This saves time by verifying multiple emails simultaneously, ensuring the accuracy of your email lists.

7. CRM Email Verification: If you use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, BounceBan enables you to connect with it and automate the email verification process. This ensures that your CRM is populated with accurate and deliverable email addresses.

8. API Integration: BounceBan offers API integration, allowing you to incorporate their email verification capabilities into your existing systems. You can seamlessly integrate their solution via API or work with their team to develop a custom solution tailored to your specific needs.

9. Testimonials from Happy Customers: BounceBan has received positive feedback from various businesses, including freelancers, startups, and large multinational brands. Customers praise the quality of email verification and the positive impact it has had on their open rates and overall email deliverability.

10. Free Trial: BounceBan offers a free trial, allowing you to experience their email verification services firsthand. The single email verification feature is available for free forever, so you can start verifying emails without any cost.

Overall, BounceBan is a reliable email verification platform that specializes in verifying accept-all emails and those protected by SEGs. With its advanced algorithms and comprehensive features, BounceBan helps businesses improve their email deliverability rates and ensure that their messages reach the right recipients.

Published on Dec. 6, 2023