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Up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies. Try Can I use...

What is Can I use...?

Try Can I use...

Can I use... is a website that provides browser support tables for modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and more. It offers detailed information on which features are supported, partially supported, or not supported by different web browsers.


  1. Browser Support Tables: The website presents comprehensive tables that show the level of support for various web technologies across different browsers.
  2. Feature Index: Browse through an index of features to find specific information about their browser compatibility.
  3. Browser Usage Table: Get insights into the usage share of different web browsers based on statistics from StatCounter GlobalStats.
  4. Feature Suggestion List: Explore a list of suggested features and vote to have them included in the support tables.
  5. CanIUse Data on GitHub: Access the CanIUse data repository on GitHub for further exploration and collaboration.
  6. Location Detection: The website uses to provide location-based detection for users.
  7. Browser Testing: CanIUse partners with BrowserStack to allow users to test their websites for compatibility across a wide range of browsers and devices.

Use Cases:

  • Web Developers: Developers can use Can I use... to check the browser support for specific web technologies before implementing them in their projects. It helps ensure cross-browser compatibility and provides insights for fallback solutions.
  • Web Designers: Designers can utilize the website to understand the level of support for various features when creating visually appealing and interactive web designs.
  • Compatibility Testing: CanIUse's partnership with BrowserStack enables users to test their websites on different browsers and devices, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.
Published on Jun. 3, 2024