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What is Conker?

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Conker is an AI-powered platform that enables effortless creation of standards-aligned quizzes. With a range of engaging question types and customizable options, Conker simplifies the quiz creation process for educators, saving time and enhancing student learning experiences.


  1. AI-Powered Quiz Creation: Generates unique quizzes with engaging question types using AI algorithms.
  2. Customizable Quizzes: Allows educators to create their own quizzes or modify existing ones to meet the needs of different student groups.
  3. Standards-Aligned Assessments: Offers a vast library of ready-made, K12 standards-aligned assessments, starting with NGSS and TEKS.
  4. Accessibility Support: Provides integrated read-aloud functionality for students who require accessibility support.
  5. Varied Question Types: Supports multiple question formats and allows exporting quizzes to Google Forms or sharing them directly from the Canvas LMS.
  6. LMS Integration: Seamlessly integrates with learning management systems like Canvas, making it easy to incorporate Conker into existing workflows.

Use Cases:

  • Educators: Conker helps educators maximize teaching time by automating quiz creation, ensuring educational targets are met through standards-aligned assessments, and capturing student interest with diverse question types.
  • Students: Conker offers interactive and captivating quizzes that keep students engaged in their learning process.
  • Education Institutions: Conker streamlines teaching processes by integrating with learning management systems and providing a convenient online quiz creation tool.
  • Professional Development: Conker can be used to showcase and demonstrate innovative teaching methods and technologies at conferences and workshops.
Published on Jan. 27, 2024