Connected Papers

Find and explore academic papers.

What is Connected Papers?

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Connected Papers is a platform that allows you to discover and explore academic papers in a connected and visual manner. By visualizing the relationships between papers, it helps you navigate through the academic literature more effectively.


  1. Paper Graph: Explore a visual graph of interconnected academic papers, representing their relationships and citations.
  2. Paper Recommendations: Receive personalized recommendations based on the papers you're interested in.
  3. Search Functionality: Search for specific papers, authors, or keywords to find relevant research.
  4. Paper Collections: Create and save collections of papers for easy reference and organization.
  5. Collaboration: Share and collaborate on paper collections with colleagues and peers.
  6. Export and Citations: Export papers and their citation data in various formats for further analysis.

Use Cases:

  • Literature Review: Conduct comprehensive literature reviews by visualizing the connections and relationships between papers in your research field.
  • Research Exploration: Discover new papers and build upon existing knowledge by exploring related works and citations.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with colleagues and peers by sharing and discussing paper collections.
  • Personal Knowledge Management: Organize and save papers of interest for future reference and quick access.

How to use it?

  1. Enable JavaScript: Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser to use Connected Papers effectively.
  2. Search or Explore: Use the search bar to find specific papers or topics of interest, or explore the visual graph to discover interconnected papers.
  3. Navigate the Paper Graph: Click on nodes to view papers, their titles, and authors. Use zoom and drag functionalities to navigate the graph.
  4. Save and Organize: Create paper collections and save papers for easy access and organization.
  5. Collaborate: Share paper collections with colleagues and peers for collaboration and discussion.
  6. Export and Analyze: Export papers and their citation data in various formats to further analyze and integrate with other tools.

In Summary

Connected Papers is a powerful tool for academic researchers, allowing you to explore and navigate through the vast landscape of academic papers in a visual and connected manner.

By uncovering the relationships between papers, it facilitates comprehensive literature reviews, enables discovery of new research, and promotes collaboration within the academic community.

Published on Feb. 5, 2024