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What is ConvertKit?

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ConvertKit is a comprehensive marketing platform designed specifically for creators. It offers a range of powerful tools to help you grow your audience, automate your marketing, and monetize your content.


  1. Grow your audience: ConvertKit provides customizable landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages to help you increase your subscribers. It also offers access to a network of creators who can recommend your work to new audiences.
  2. Send beautiful emails: With ConvertKit, you can prioritize your content with a clutter-free writing and design experience. It allows you to build and send emails that reach the inbox and avoid spam, without the need for coding.
  3. Automate your marketing: Utilize the Visual Automations tool to trigger email sequences, organize subscribers, and create an ideal customer journey. You can automatically segment your audience based on their interactions, interests, and entry points.
  4. Monetize your content: ConvertKit enables you to build a business and generate income by selling digital products, running paid newsletters and subscriptions, promoting other creators, and securing sponsorships. It also integrates with platforms like Shopify and Patreon for better conversion and sales insights.

Use Cases:

  • Artists: Market your artwork and engage with fans using ConvertKit's email marketing features.
  • Authors: Promote your books, connect with readers, and earn more from your work.
  • Bloggers: Grow your blog's audience and monetize your content effectively.
  • Coaches: Reach more clients and streamline your communication with ConvertKit.
  • Course creators: Market and sell your online courses to a targeted audience.
  • Musicians: Build your fan base and market your music effectively through email.
  • Podcasters: Connect with your listeners beyond audio and share the story behind each episode.
  • YouTubers: Engage with your YouTube audience and promote your content.
Published on Jun. 14, 2024