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What is Dezbor?

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Dezbor is a platform that offers a no-code dashboard creator and admin panel maker. It allows users to easily create stunning dashboards and manage data without the need for coding skills or technical expertise.

Dezbor provides an effortless dashboard creation experience with its drag-and-drop interface. Users can easily design and customize their dashboards, going beyond simple data display to incorporate logic and actions according to their specific requirements.

The platform offers seamless integrations with popular data sources such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google Sheets, and Airtable, enabling users to connect and manage their data with ease. Additionally, Dezbor provides an AI assistant that can assist users with queries, identify flaws, and provide suggestions for optimization.

Dezbor is suitable for individuals and teams who need to transform their data into actionable insights. It caters to a wide range of users, including business professionals, data analysts, and administrators who want to create visually appealing dashboards and admin panels without the need for coding knowledge.

Getting started with Dezbor is straightforward. Users can sign up for an account and begin building their dashboards immediately. The platform offers resources such as FAQs, guides, tutorials, and a blog to support users in using the features effectively. In case users require assistance, Dezbor also provides help and support services to ensure a smooth experience.

Published on Jan. 13, 2024