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What is Dillinger?

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Dillinger is an online Markdown editor that provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing Markdown documents. It offers various features such as auto-saving, word count, scroll sync, and integration with popular cloud storage platforms.


  1. Auto Save: Automatically saves your work as you type, ensuring you never lose your progress.
  2. Word Count: Displays the total number of words in your Markdown document.
  3. Character Count: Shows the total number of characters in your Markdown document.
  4. Scroll Sync: Synchronizes the scroll position of the Markdown editor and the preview window for seamless navigation.
  5. Tab Size: Allows you to adjust the tab size for code blocks and indentation.
  6. Keybindings: Supports customizable keybindings for a personalized editing experience.
  7. Integration with Cloud Storage: Enables linking and saving documents to popular cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Bitbucket, GitHub, Medium, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Use Cases:

  • Content Creation: Writers, bloggers, and content creators can use Dillinger to write and format their content using Markdown, making it easy to convert to other formats like HTML or PDF.
  • Collaboration: Teams working on documentation or writing projects can collaborate using Dillinger, with the ability to sync and share documents through cloud storage integrations.
  • Code Documentation: Developers can use Dillinger to write and format code documentation using Markdown's syntax highlighting and code block features.
  • Note-taking: Students, researchers, and professionals can utilize Dillinger for taking notes and organizing their thoughts using Markdown's simplicity and flexibility.
  • Technical Writing: Technical writers can leverage Dillinger to create user manuals, API documentation, and other technical content using Markdown's structured formatting.
Published on Jan. 29, 2024