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What is Doczilla?

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Doczilla is a platform that offers an effortless way to create PDFs and screenshots. It allows users to generate stunning PDF documents and capture screenshots quickly and easily. With Doczilla, users can store their PDFs and screenshots in their own AWS or Google Cloud Storage bucket, giving them control and flexibility over their content.

The platform is designed to streamline development by eliminating the hassle of repetitive code, allowing developers to focus on creating compelling features instead. It offers features such as generating PDFs from HTML by providing the HTML code and receiving the resulting PDF, as well as capturing screenshots of web pages with ease.

Doczilla emphasizes cost-efficiency, as users only pay for the resources they use, enabling them to optimize their budget while still enjoying the benefits of the platform. Data security and privacy are prioritized, with Doczilla ensuring that user data is not stored longer than necessary, keeping sensitive information protected.

Integration with AWS and GCP is seamless, making it effortless to store and manage generated content directly in users' cloud buckets. This simplifies the process of storing and accessing the PDFs and screenshots.

Doczilla offers different pricing plans to accommodate various needs, ranging from a free plan with limited usage to Pro and Enterprise plans with additional features and higher resource limits. The platform is suitable for both small-scale projects and large enterprises due to its scalable nature.

By using Doczilla, users can save time and resources by leveraging a scalable and secure platform for document and screenshot generation, allowing them to focus on their core business tasks. The platform's optimized infrastructure ensures performance and reliability, providing users with a hassle-free experience.

Published on Jan. 13, 2024