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What is DropVoice?

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DropVoice is a platform that allows you to attach customizable voice notes to your products, enhancing the brand experience and making each purchase more personal. By adding DropVoice to your Shopify store or external website, you can give your customers a voice and create a unique connection with them.

DropVoice offers a range of features to make voice notes a seamless part of your customer journey. You can add voice notes to various pages on your store, including product pages, collection pages, and FAQs. There are no restrictions on where you can place voice notes, allowing you to surprise your customers with value at unexpected times, such as post-purchase.

To ensure convenience, customers can opt-in to receive voice notes via text or email, allowing them to listen to the voice note while holding the product. The platform is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to adjust colors, text, and placement to align with your brand identity.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024