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What is Education Copilot?

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Education Copilot is an AI-powered platform that helps educators streamline their planning and preparation process by generating templates for various educational materials. With a focus on saving time and effort, it supports teachers in creating quality lesson plans, educational handouts, student reports, and more.


  1. AI Lesson Planner: Generates structured lesson plans for any subject, lesson, or concept.
  2. Educational Handouts: Quickly creates handouts covering specific topics or subjects.
  3. 10+ Other Tools: Offers additional tools to save time both inside and outside the classroom.

Use Cases:

  • Lesson Planning: Teachers can utilize the AI lesson planner to generate high-quality and well-structured lesson plans.
  • Educational Handouts: Easily generate comprehensive handouts that cover specific topics or subject areas.
  • Time-saving Tools: The platform provides various tools to assist teachers in saving time during their planning and preparation process.
Published on Jan. 26, 2024