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What is evmux?

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evmux is a web-based live streaming and recording studio that revolutionizes the way people produce high-quality live streams and podcasts. With evmux, anyone can create captivating experiences without the need for expensive equipment or advanced AV skills.


  1. Fully Branded Live Stream: Create visually stunning and branded live streams that stand out from the competition.
  2. Web-based Live Stream Studio: Seamlessly edit and customize your show before or during the live stream using the user-friendly Live Editors.
  3. Recording and Downloading: Record and download fully branded content, and conveniently split separate audio/video downloads for each participant to facilitate post-production editing.

Use Cases:

  • Live Streaming: Stream live events, podcasts, interviews, performances, and other engaging content to platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Podcast Production: Record and produce professional-quality podcasts with customizable branding and seamless post-production editing.
  • Virtual Experiences: Create immersive virtual experiences for your audience, delivering captivating content that extends your reach.
Published on Jan. 29, 2024