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What is Flowlie?

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Flowlie is a website that serves as the next-generation operating system (OS) for venture capital. It offers tools and features for both founders and investors to streamline their fundraising and investment processes.

For Founders:
1. Fundraising Hub: Flowlie provides an all-in-one Fundraising Hub for founders, making fundraising more efficient and less time-consuming.

2. Round Planning: Flowlie offers tools to help founders plan their fundraising rounds, including determining the right amount to raise and setting appropriate valuations.

3. Outreach Preparation: Founders can jumpstart their fundraising network using Flowlie's personalized Investor Database, which helps identify investors who can bring the most value to their businesses.

4. Deck Sharing and Tracking: Flowlie provides a deck sharing experience optimized for fundraising. Founders can share their pitch decks and track investor access and engagement in real-time.

For Investors:
1. Deal Screening: Flowlie allows investors to screen deals more effectively by funneling dealflow through their private and secure FlowlLink. This ensures that no investment opportunities are missed.

2. Investor Network Management: Investors can automatically track the investment theses of individuals in their network, enabling them to share deals and build relationships with the right investors without manual data entry.

3. AI-driven Deal Recommendations: Flowlie's advanced algorithms help investors predict the best-fit investors in their network, making it easier to share the right deals with the right people securely.

Additional Features:
- Testimonials: Flowlie showcases testimonials from founders and investors who have successfully used the platform to raise funds and discover promising investment opportunities.

- Privacy and Security: Flowlie emphasizes the security of user data and employs the latest security protocols. They do not sell user data to third parties.

- FAQs: Flowlie provides a section with frequently asked questions to address common queries from users.
- Company Information: Users can access information about Flowlie, including details about the company, the team, blog, newsletter, and contact information.

Overall, Flowlie is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of tools and features to support founders in their fundraising efforts and help investors efficiently manage their deal screening and investment processes.

Published on Dec. 4, 2023