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What is Folderly?

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Folderly is an email deliverability software designed to enhance outreach efforts and ensure that emails reach recipients' inboxes. It AI powered features to maximize email ROI and improve deliverability rates, resulting in increased open and reply rates.

With Folderly, businesses can overcome the challenge of emails getting lost in spam folders or being bounced. The software provides AI-backed features and customized recommendations to achieve 99.9% inbox placement, ensuring that emails are seen and read by the intended recipients.

Folderly also offers email placement analysis, allowing users to track where their emails land—whether in the inbox, spam, or promotions folders. It provides tools to fix deliverability issues, such as a dashboard for email templates and insights into Google and Outlook spam triggers.

By addressing content problems and optimizing email copies, businesses can mitigate deliverability issues and increase their chances of landing in the primary inbox.

Published on Nov. 24, 2023