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What is GeoGebra?

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GeoGebra is a comprehensive suite of free math tools that are widely used by students and teachers worldwide. It provides a range of digital tools for various math activities, including graphing, geometry, collaborative whiteboard, and more.


  1. Calculator Suite: Offers a powerful calculator suite that includes a graphing calculator, scientific calculator, and 3D calculator. These tools allow you to perform complex mathematical calculations and visualize mathematical concepts.
  2. Geometry: With GeoGebra's geometry tools, you can create and explore geometric constructions, solve geometric problems, and visualize geometric concepts.
  3. Classroom: Provides a classroom feature that enables teachers to create interactive math activities and assignments, monitor student progress, and facilitate collaborative learning.
  4. App Downloads: Offers a range of free apps for different platforms, including the Graphing Calculator app, which allows you to access their tools on your mobile device.

Use Cases:

  • Teaching and Learning: The platform is widely used in classrooms as it provides a versatile set of tools for teaching and learning mathematics. Teachers can create interactive lessons, demonstrations, and assignments, while students can explore mathematical concepts and solve problems.
  • Math Activities: GeoGebra is suitable for various math activities, including graphing functions, solving equations, exploring geometric constructions, analyzing data, and more. It supports both conceptual understanding and practical application of mathematical concepts.

How to use it?

  1. Sign In: Visit the GeoGebra website and sign in to access the full range of tools and features.
  2. Choose a Tool: Select the desired tool from the available options, such as the graphing calculator, geometry tools, or classroom feature.
  3. Explore and Create: Use the chosen tool to explore mathematical concepts, create constructions, solve problems, or design interactive math activities.
  4. Collaborate and Share: GeoGebra allows you to collaborate with others by sharing your work, participating in their community, or accessing resources created by other users.

In Summary

GeoGebra is a popular and trusted platform for students and teachers, providing a comprehensive suite of free math tools. Whether you need to graph functions, explore geometry, or create interactive math activities, GeoGebra offers a range of powerful and user-friendly tools to enhance your learning and teaching experience.

Published on Feb. 4, 2024