A world-class grant writing assistant for everyone, powered by AI.

What is Grantable?

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Grantable is a world-class AI-assisted grant writing assistant that empowers grant-seekers to secure more funding with less effort. It provides a clean and familiar writing space where users can draft responses to new application questions using content from their previous proposals.


  1. Content Library: Grantable allows users to search and reference all their grant proposal content in one place.
  2. Instant Drafting with AI: The platform uses users' facts, figures, and style to generate narrative responses to grant application questions.
  3. Revision and Resizing: Grantable offers simple prompts to revise and resize responses, eliminating the hassle of dealing with character counts.

Use Cases:

  • Grant Writers: Grantable is a game-changer for grant writers, providing a streamlined process and saving valuable time, allowing them to focus on creating a meaningful impact.
  • Nonprofits: Grantable assists nonprofit organizations in writing compelling grant proposals, increasing their chances of securing funding for their projects.
  • Consultants: Grantable supports grant consultants by simplifying the grant writing process and enabling them to serve their clients more efficiently.
  • Mission-Driven Teams: Grantable is trusted by over 10,000 mission-driven teams, helping them optimize their grant writing efforts and achieve their funding goals.
Published on Jan. 25, 2024