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What is Hunter (Email Hunter)?

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Hunter is an all-in-one email outreach platform that allows you to find and connect with the people that matter to your business.

With powerful features and reliable data, Hunter helps you identify relevant leads, verify email addresses, send personalized campaigns, and integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.


  1. Domain Search: Find the email addresses of a company by searching their domain name or website.
  2. Email Finder: Discover the email address of a specific professional by typing in their name. Hunter provides a high match rate for accurate results.
  3. Email Verifier: Verify any email address to avoid sending emails to non-existent or invalid addresses.
  4. Campaigns: Send effective and personalized cold emails to your prospects, schedule follow-ups, and track campaign performance with precise reports.
  5. Integrations: Connect Hunter with your favorite applications, CRM systems, Google Sheets, or use their API to sync data seamlessly.
  6. Browser Extension: Add the Hunter extension to your browser and find email addresses directly from websites you visit.

Use Cases:

  • Lead Generation: Identify relevant leads and their contact details for your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Outreach Campaigns: Send personalized cold emails to prospects, increasing the chances of receiving responses and generating leads.
  • Email Verification: Ensure the accuracy and deliverability of your email campaigns by verifying email addresses.
  • CRM Integration: Sync your data with your CRM system for efficient lead management and seamless workflow.
  • Sales and Business Development: Connect with potential customers, build relationships, and grow your business.
Published on Jun. 5, 2024