AI powered search engine to protect ownership of originality.

What is

Visit Site is an AI-powered platform that offers comprehensive trademark search, watch, and brand protection solutions. It caters to various groups, including lawyers, brand owners, and creators, providing them with innovative tools to streamline their trademark prosecution, litigation, content creation, management, and protection processes.

For lawyers, offers a transformative approach to trademark practice. Its AI-powered solution enhances both trademark prosecution and litigation, making it easier to conduct trademark searches, generate comprehensive reports, and stay on top of critical dates and activities through trademark docketing. The platform also provides advanced image recognition for trademark law and facilitates case research with its extensive knowledge graph in trademark law.

Brand owners can maximize their brand's impact with's AI-powered solutions for brand content creation, management, and protection. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, brand owners can identify potential conflicts as soon as they're filed through trademark watch, discover threats to their trademarks from over 60 million eCommerce listings, and gain valuable insights and industry trends.

For creators, offers, an AI-native gateway that empowers creators to seamlessly create, manage, monetize, and protect their digital assets in one central location. This feature enables creators to safeguard their intellectual property rights while efficiently managing their creative endeavors.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024