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A simple and comprehensive online toolkit for manipulating text and lists.

What is KitTxt?

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KitTxt is an online toolkit designed to assist you in manipulating and managing text and lists easily. It offers a range of user-friendly utilities that allow you to sort, transform, remove, and manipulate text according to your specific needs.


  1. Text Transformation: Convert text to lowercase, uppercase, capitalize words, or capitalize the first word.
  2. Line Manipulation: Trim lines, invert text, add prefixes or suffixes, and clone text multiple times.
  3. Row Operations: Duplicate rows, remove empty rows, and trim rows.
  4. Text Editing: Remove accents, spaces, numbers, punctuation, and line breaks.
  5. Search and Replace: Find and replace specific words or phrases in your text.
  6. Line Filtering: Keep or remove lines containing specific keywords.
  7. URL Conversion: Convert text to URL slugs and camel case.
  8. Character Encoding: Convert between Latin and UTF-8 character encoding.
  9. HTML Character Conversion: Convert special characters to HTML entities.

Use Cases:

  • Text Formatting: Easily modify the case, format, and structure of text for various purposes like writing, programming, or data analysis.
  • List Manipulation: Manage and organize lists by removing duplicates, empty rows, or unwanted characters.
  • Language Conversion: Convert text between different character encodings or convert special characters to HTML entities.
  • Search and Replace: Quickly find and replace specific words or phrases in a text document.
Published on Jun. 8, 2024