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What is Mayday?

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Mayday is a website that offers an AI-assisted calendar and scheduling assistant. It aims to help users organize and manage their time effectively.

1. All-in-One Calendar: Mayday provides an all-in-one calendar solution that combines scheduling, task management, and to-do lists. It allows users to have a comprehensive view of their day, making it easier to plan and stay organized.

2. AI-Powered Scheduling: Mayday uses AI technology to assist with scheduling. It analyzes users' preferences, patterns, and productivity best practices to suggest ideal times for events and tasks. It can automatically find available time slots that work for all participants, making scheduling meetings with others more efficient.

3. Task Management: Mayday includes a task management feature that helps users prioritize and manage their tasks. The AI assistant in Mayday can determine the best time to schedule tasks based on their duration and available time frames, ensuring that important tasks get done.

4. Automatic Rescheduling: Mayday adapts to changes in users' schedules by offering automatic rescheduling. If priorities shift or conflicts arise, Mayday can automatically adjust the calendar and suggest alternative times. Users can easily reschedule events with just one click.

5. Integrated Scheduling Links: Mayday provides integrated scheduling links that allow users to make themselves available without compromising all of their free time. Users can set limits, guide guests towards ideal times, and maintain a balanced schedule with the help of the AI assistant.

6. Chat Assistant (Coming Soon): Mayday has a chat assistant feature in development that will act as a personal assistant within the calendar. It will provide notifications and reminders for items that require attention, allowing users to focus on their core tasks.

7. FYI Events: Users can use the FYI feature to visually minimize events that they need to be aware of but don't necessarily need to be actively involved in. This helps declutter the calendar and focus on essential tasks.

8. Time Windows: Mayday allows users to define default availability for different types of events. Depending on the event type, Mayday will prioritize scheduling based on the user's unique availability.

9. Smart Tags: Users can create Smart Tags to categorize events and keep the calendar organized. Mayday can apply powerful automations based on these Smart Tags, streamlining event management.

10. Calendar Sync: Mayday supports calendar sync with popular services like Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, and Apple iCloud. This ensures that users' availability is properly reflected across multiple calendars.

11. Buffer Time: Mayday offers a buffer time feature that creates placeholder events before and after scheduled events. This allows users to prepare, debrief, or take a short break between back-to-back meetings.

12. Menu Bar and Widgets: Mayday provides a menu bar and widgets for quick access to upcoming meetings and a glance at the schedule. These features help users stay on track and efficiently manage their time.

13. Multi-Platform Support: Mayday is available on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, with native apps built using SwiftUI. Android and Windows versions are in development.

Mayday aims to be a user-friendly and AI-powered solution for effective scheduling and time management. With features like AI-assisted scheduling, task management, automatic rescheduling, integrated scheduling links, and a forthcoming chat assistant, Mayday helps users make the most of their time and stay organized.

Published on Nov. 25, 2023