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What is Mentionlytics?

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Mentionlytics is an AI-powered web and social media monitoring tool that helps you track and analyze online conversations about your brand, competitors, and products.

With Mentionlytics, you can gain valuable insights into your audience's behavior and sentiment, measure brand awareness, and optimize your marketing efforts based on real data.


  1. Social Intelligence AI: Gain smarter insights and personalized advice to improve your web and social presence.
  2. Social Media Reports: Create beautiful and customized monitoring reports with actionable insights.
  3. Publishing: Easily publish on multiple social media platforms or schedule posts for later.
  4. Web Monitoring: Comprehensive monitoring of the entire web, including reviews, news sites, blogs, and forums.
  5. Social Media Monitoring: Extensive coverage across social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit.
  6. Brand Awareness: Measure brand recognition, social reach, and engagement.
  7. Sentiment Analysis: Understand audience feelings, opinions, and attitudes for better decision-making.
  8. Share of Voice: Determine your brand's visibility and impact compared to your competitors.
  9. Alerts: Set up notification schedules and receive instant updates on mentions.
  10. Audience Engagement: Connect with your audience, respond to complaints, and protect your brand reputation.
  11. AI Advisor: SIA (Social Intelligent Advisor) provides insights, suggests strategies, and evaluates performance.
  12. Data Accuracy: Achieve precise sentiment analysis and decode customer sentiments accurately.
  13. Topic Grouping: Organize mentions by topic to focus on relevant conversations.
  14. Social Media Reporting: Create customizable reports to share with clients or colleagues.

Use Cases:

  • Media Monitoring: Discover what the media says about your company, competitors, and products.
  • Social Listening: Analyze audience behavior and understand their interests.
  • Review Monitoring: Track reviews on major review sites, engage with customers, and build trust.
  • Brand Monitoring: Monitor conversations about your brand, manage reputation, and understand sentiment.
  • Competition Analysis: Keep an eye on competitors, analyze what people say about them, and improve strategies.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identify influential people in your niche and develop relationships.
  • Crisis Management: Respond quickly to negative mentions and fix reputation issues.
  • Campaign Monitoring: Track the performance of marketing campaigns and make improvements.
Published on Jun. 10, 2024