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What is MyiMaths?

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MyiMaths is an interactive online platform that provides comprehensive maths learning resources for primary and secondary schools. It covers a range of international curricula for ages 5-18 and offers interactive lessons, revision "booster packs," assignable homework, and worksheets.

With a wealth of resources, MyiMaths aims to enhance students' confidence and fluency in mathematics, both in the classroom and at home.


  1. Interactive Lessons: Engaging and interactive lessons that cover various maths topics.
  2. Booster Packs: Revision materials designed to reinforce learning and enhance understanding.
  3. Assignable Homework and Worksheets: Teachers can assign homework and worksheets to consolidate learning.
  4. Resources: A wide range of supplementary resources to support teaching and learning.
  5. Primary and Secondary Support: MyiMaths caters to both primary and secondary schools, offering resources suitable for different age groups and abilities.
  6. International Curricula: The platform covers a range of international curricula, making it relevant for schools worldwide.
  7. Performance Tracking: Teachers can track students' progress and performance on in-class summative assessments.
  8. Support: MyiMaths provides support for primary pupils, secondary students, parents, and teachers through various channels.

Use Cases:

  • Classroom Teaching: MyiMaths can be used in the classroom to deliver interactive lessons and reinforce mathematical concepts.
  • Homework Assignments: Teachers can assign homework and worksheets through the platform, allowing students to practice and apply what they have learned.
  • Revision and Test Preparation: The platform offers booster packs and resources suitable for revision and test preparation.
  • Home Learning: Students can access MyiMaths from home, enabling them to continue their maths learning outside the classroom.
  • Whole-School Adoption: MyiMaths is designed to be used by the entire school, providing a consistent maths learning experience for all students.

How to use it?

  1. Subscribe to MyiMaths by following the subscription process on the website.
  2. Access the platform using your login credentials.
  3. Explore the interactive lessons, booster packs, assignable homework, and worksheets.
  4. Assign tasks to students and track their progress.
  5. Utilize the supplementary resources to enhance teaching and learning.

In Summary

MyiMaths offers an interactive and comprehensive maths learning experience for primary and secondary schools. With its range of resources, international curricula coverage, and performance tracking features, it provides valuable support for teachers and helps students develop confidence and fluency in mathematics.

Whether in the classroom or at home, MyiMaths aims to enhance the teaching and learning of maths for the whole school community.

Published on Feb. 3, 2024