AI-based tool that generates SVG vectors from text prompts.

What is neoSVG?

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neoSVG is a website that offers a convenient way to create SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) from text prompts. It utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology to generate unique vector images based on simple text inputs.

1. AI Technology: neoSVG has developed advanced AI technologies that merge with the latest AI advancements. This allows the platform to generate distinctive vectors from text prompts.

2. Infinite Resolution: Instead of relying on pixels, neoSVG uses Bezier curve paths with mathematical rules in its outputs. This enables the generated SVGs to have infinite zoom resolution, ensuring high-quality visuals.

3. Wide Range of Applications: The SVGs created with neoSVG are suitable for various applications, including web design, mobile apps, print media, AR/VR applications, UI/UX design, logos, and more. If you need scalable vector outputs, neoSVG can meet your requirements.

4. Performance: neoSVG employs powerful servers to generate SVGs efficiently. The platform has optimized its processes and addressed complexity issues, ensuring that SVGs are generated in just a few minutes instead of hours.

5. Research and Development: neoSVG is committed to continuous research and development to improve its technology and make new discoveries in the field. By sharing their achievements, they aim to bring their magic to more creators.

6. Standard Model V2: The Standard Model V2 offers a range of pre-generated images, including an astronaut cat, a cat drinking wine, a circuit brain, a bank in the middle of a city, a hamburger on fire, and more. These images are created using the Standard AI (v2) without manual edits.

7. Pro Model V1: The Pro Model V1 provides additional pre-generated images, such as a penguin using a laptop, a pope riding a motorcycle, a super hero robot, an apple falling from a tree, a monkey playing chess, and a cute smiling skull. These images are generated using the Pro state-of-the-art AI (v1) without manual edits.

8. Subscription Plans: neoSVG offers different subscription plans to cater to various needs. The Starter plan is ideal for beginners and small projects, the Professional plan is suitable for professionals and growing projects, and the Enterprise plan is optimized for agencies and high-volume requirements. Each plan provides access to both the Standard and Pro models, with different limits on the number of generations and SVG downloads.

9. SVG Download: Users can easily download the generated SVGs for their projects.

10. Color Editor: neoSVG provides an SVG Color Editor feature, allowing users to customize and edit the colors of the generated SVGs.

11. Documentation: The website offers comprehensive documentation that provides instructions and guidance on using the neoSVG platform effectively.

12. Responsive Support: Users can reach out to neoSVG via various channels, including email, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, for any inquiries or assistance.

In summary, neoSVG is a user-friendly platform that utilizes AI technology to generate SVGs from text prompts. It offers infinite resolution, a wide range of applications, efficient performance, pre-generated image models, subscription plans, SVG downloads, color editing, documentation, and responsive support.

Published on Dec. 6, 2023