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What is Nicegram?

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Nicegram is an all-round messaging app based on the Telegram API, offering enhanced features for both personal and business communication. It serves as an alternative to the standard Telegram client, providing fast, secure, and convenient messaging experiences.


  1. Full access to Telegram: Nicegram uses the open-source Telegram API and supports updates from the official client, allowing users to enjoy all the features of Telegram without any restrictions.
  2. Private and secure: Messages sent through Nicegram are encrypted and stored on Telegram servers, ensuring user safety. The app does not collect personal data, prioritizing user privacy.
  3. Diverse integrations: Nicegram provides a comprehensive solution by integrating various necessary tools for modern individuals and businesses, eliminating the need for multiple apps.
  4. Open-source: Nicegram is an open-source messenger, with its code published on GitHub, ensuring transparency in the handling of user data and promoting secure communication within the app.

Use Cases:

  • Business and personal communication: Nicegram allows users to set up unlimited accounts, enabling them to separate their business and personal communication efficiently.
  • Instant translation: Users can translate incoming messages without leaving the chat, making it convenient for communicating with individuals who speak different languages.
  • Quick replies: Nicegram offers a list of standard message templates, allowing users to select quick replies for efficient communication.
  • Account privacy: The app provides a double bottom feature to hide accounts from prying eyes, enhancing privacy and security.
  • In-chat message translation: Users can translate their own messages into any foreign language directly within the chat, facilitating communication with international contacts.
Published on Jan. 29, 2024