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What is


Ninety is an innovative platform that helps teams build great companies by providing a central hub for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams to work smarter and more effectively together.


  1. Meetings: Run better meetings, follow the agenda, get alignment, and track performance.
  2. Scorecards: Measure performance, track data, and identify potential issues and growth opportunities.
  3. Rocks: Achieve more goals by clarifying, refining, and documenting your company's vision.
  4. To-Dos: Assign and manage tasks, send details, and facilitate organization-wide teamwork.
  5. Issues: Focus on problem-solving, increase transparency, and identify hiring opportunities.
  6. Org Chart: Get accountable, establish clear expectations, and increase transparency across the company.
  7. Vision: Promote and share your company's compelling vision.
  8. Process: Document your processes, establish standard operating procedures, and improve onboarding.
  9. 1-on-1: Have better one-on-one meetings, spark open and honest conversations, and provide objective feedback.

Use Cases:

  • Promote Your Vision: Clarify, refine, document, and share your company's compelling vision.
  • Organize, Align, Share: Seamlessly share knowledge, resources, and data to end miscommunications and misalignments.
  • Elevate Accountability: Create a culture of trust and accountability by unifying teams into one platform.
  • Capture Core Data: Gain clear visibility into individual worlds with a readily-accessible hub for sharing information and communication.
  • Save Time: Reduce time wasted on unproductive meetings and tracking down lost information.
  • Boost Productivity: Give everyone the tools they need to work efficiently and with less frustration.
Published on Jan. 30, 2024