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What is Pagecord?

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Pagecord is a minimalist blogging app that simplifies the process of sharing your thoughts and ideas. With Pagecord, you can effortlessly compose and publish blog posts directly from your email inbox, whether it's long-form writing or micro-blogging.


  1. Managed by Email: Pagecord operates entirely through email, allowing you to compose your posts in your favorite email editor and simply click send. The app takes care of the rest, automatically publishing your posts.
  2. Simplified Setup: All you need is an email account. There are no new tools to learn or passwords to remember, making it easy to get started with Pagecord.
  3. Video Demonstration: The website provides a video that showcases how Pagecord works, giving you a visual demonstration of the app in action.
  4. Free Usage: Pagecord offers free access to its core features, enabling you to start blogging without any financial commitment.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Blogging: Pagecord is ideal for individuals who prefer a simple and streamlined way to share their thoughts and ideas through blogging without the need for complex blogging platforms.
  • Micro-blogging: If you enjoy sharing short snippets of your thoughts, Pagecord's micro-blogging feature allows you to quickly compose and publish your ideas without any hassle.
  • Minimalist Writers: Writers who appreciate minimalistic tools will find Pagecord's email-based approach refreshing and convenient for their blogging needs.

How to use it?

  1. Visit the Pagecord website
  2. Sign up for a free account using your email address.
  3. Once registered, you will receive a unique Pagecord email address.
  4. Open your preferred email client or editor.
  5. Compose your blog post within the email, including any desired formatting or structure.
  6. Send the email to the provided Pagecord email address.
  7. Pagecord will automatically process and publish your blog post.


  • Convenience: With Pagecord, you can write and publish blog posts using your favorite email editor. You don't need to log in to a separate platform or remember another set of credentials. It offers a seamless and familiar experience for those who are already comfortable with using email.
  • Time-saving: By leveraging the power of email, Pagecord eliminates the need to switch between different applications or platforms. You can write and send your posts without any additional steps, saving you time and streamlining your blogging process.
  • Accessibility: Since Pagecord operates through email, you can use it from any device with an email client. You can compose and publish posts from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, allowing you to blog on the go or whenever inspiration strikes.

In Summary

Pagecord offers an effortless way to blog directly from your email inbox. With its email-based approach, you can compose and publish your blog posts seamlessly, without the need for additional tools or passwords.

Whether you're looking to write long-form articles or share quick thoughts, Pagecord simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on your content. Start sharing your ideas effortlessly with Pagecord today.

Pagecord Video

Published on Apr. 2, 2024