Premium AI dubbing solutions.

What is Papercup?

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Papercup offers premium AI dubbing solutions that combine the power of artificial intelligence with human expertise. With Papercup, you can dub your videos in multiple languages, enhancing their global reach and engagement.


  1. Lifelike Voices: Papercup produces AI voices that are so realistic that audiences can't distinguish them from real voices, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.
  2. Perfected by Translators: Expert translators at Papercup check and adjust the accuracy, tone, and delivery of the dubbed audio, ensuring high-quality and authentic translations.
  3. Fast and Cost-Effective: Papercup efficiently dubs large volumes of content while maintaining quality, offering a cost-effective solution that is 80% more affordable than traditional methods.
  4. Managed Process: Papercup's experienced localization experts manage the entire dubbing process, from start to finish, and assist in securing distribution on major streaming platforms.

Use Cases:

  • Streaming Platforms: Papercup enables streaming platforms to dub their content into multiple languages, expanding their global audience and increasing revenue.
  • YouTube Channels: YouTube creators can use Papercup to dub their videos, reaching previously untapped global audiences and enhancing user engagement.
  • Other Content Distribution: Papercup's AI dubbing solutions can be applied to various content types, including news, drama, reality shows, lifestyle content, and sports, making them accessible to diverse audiences worldwide.
Published on Feb. 5, 2024