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What is

Visit Site is a platform that allows users to create and publish plain text containing hyperlinks. It offers a simple way to share links and text content with others, with features such as automatic hyperlink conversion and the ability to collapse links for a cleaner appearance. emphasizes reliability, multilingual support, and user anonymity.


  1. Create and Publish: Users can create and publish plain text content with embedded hyperlinks, making it easy to share web addresses and text together.
  2. Automatic Hyperlink Conversion: All web addresses included in the text are automatically converted to clickable hyperlinks upon publishing.
  3. Collapse Links: Users have the option to collapse hyperlinks to references, icons, or numbers, providing a more organized and focused reading experience.
  4. Edit Anonymously: Users can provide an edit code when creating a paste, allowing them to edit the content anonymously in the future.
  5. Account Management: Users can create a free account to manage their pastes, including cloning, editing, deleting, restoring, and bulk processing of pastes.
  6. Multilingual Support: is available in 12 languages, with automatic language loading based on browser settings and the ability to manually select preferred languages.
  7. Ad Partnership: Users can earn money through ad partners by setting up an account and adding connections to generate ad links for their pastes.

Use Cases:

  • Sharing Links and Text: provides a convenient platform to share web addresses and text content together, making it useful for sharing articles, resources, or any other content with embedded hyperlinks.
  • Organizing References: The ability to collapse hyperlinks to references allows users to create a cleaner and more organized presentation of references, citations, or numbered lists.
  • Anonymous Editing: The edit code feature enables users to make changes to their published paste without revealing their identity, making it useful for collaborative editing or maintaining privacy.
  • Account Management: Creating an account allows users to have better control over their pastes, including managing, editing, and organizing them in a personalized paste management system.
Published on Jan. 30, 2024