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What is PigeonFiles?

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PigeonFiles is a platform that allows you to receive files directly in your Google Drive. With its quick and secure upload pages, you can easily create forms for others to upload files to your Google Drive account. The process is simple: create an upload page, share the page URL, and people can start uploading files directly to your Google Drive.

One of the key features of PigeonFiles is its quick and easy setup. You can create sharable forms in seconds, making it convenient for both you and the uploaders. The platform prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring that it doesn't access any of your files. Uploaded files are sent directly to your Google Drive, giving you full control over your storage.

PigeonFiles eliminates the need for uploaders to log in, making the process hassle-free for them. Additionally, you have the ability to track files uploaded through your personal dashboard, allowing you to stay informed about who is uploading files.

The platform also supports the upload of large files, without any limitations on file size. This flexibility enables you to receive files of any size conveniently. For added security, you can password-protect your upload forms, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and upload files.

Published on Jan. 12, 2024