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What is Polltab?

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Polltab is an online platform that allows users to create instant, real-time polls for free. It simplifies the process of poll creation and voting, offering features such as multiple choice options, voting security, optional IP-specific restrictions, and more.


  1. Free Poll Creation: Users can create polls instantly and for free.
  2. Multiple Choice Options: Allows users to set up polls with multiple choices for respondents.
  3. Voting Security: Provides options to restrict voting to one vote per household or ISP and prevent bot voting with captcha.
  4. IP-Specific Restrictions: Optional settings to limit voting by IP address.
  5. Facebook Comments: Enables users to include Facebook comments in their polls.
  6. Result Visibility Settings: Offers options to hide poll results until the poll ends.
  7. Real-Time Results: Updates poll results in real-time as votes are cast.

Use Cases:

  • Gathering Opinions: Polltab is useful for collecting opinions and feedback from a group of people.
  • Decision Making: Enables users to make decisions by creating polls and getting real-time results.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Polls can be used to engage and interact with an audience or community.
  • Event Planning: Polltab can be used to gauge preferences and make decisions related to event planning, such as selecting a venue or date.
  • Market Research: Users can create polls to gather insights and conduct basic market research.
Published on Jan. 30, 2024