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What is PrepAI?

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PrepAI is an advanced AI-driven platform that simplifies the process of creating, conducting, and grading tests, quizzes, and exams. It offers powerful AI algorithms to enhance the assessment experience for educators, students, and ed-tech companies.


  1. Test Conducting: Allows users to conduct tests directly from generated question papers.
  2. HOTS Question Generator: Generates higher-order thinking skill questions to assess critical thinking abilities.
  3. White Labeling: Offers the option to customize the platform with your own branding.
  4. Automated Grading System: Provides an AI-based auto-grading system to streamline the grading process.
  5. Multiple Content Input Options: Supports various methods for inputting content, making it easy to create diverse question sets.
  6. Easy-to-Use Dashboard: Provides an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard for seamless navigation.
  7. Export/Download Question Papers: Allows users to export or download question papers for offline use.

Use Cases:

  • Educators: PrepAI helps educators save time by generating unique quizzes and assessments, facilitating better engagement with students. It also offers an automated grading system for efficient evaluation.
  • Students: Students can benefit from PrepAI's hassle-free mock tests and practice exams, allowing them to prepare effectively and improve their performance.
  • Ed-Tech Companies: PrepAI provides a valuable solution for ed-tech companies by offering unlimited question sets, allowing them to revamp their businesses and cut down on content outsourcing.
  • Homeschooling: PrepAI is a useful tool for homeschooling, providing a variety of questions that make teaching at home easier for parents.
Published on Jan. 27, 2024