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What is PromptBox?

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PromptBox is a text-organizing extension that allows you to quickly copy and paste text from templates, making your workflow more efficient and streamlined.


  1. Template Copy/Paste: PromptBox enables you to paste templates using shortcuts, eliminating the need to retype frequently used text.
  2. Web Compatibility: You can use PromptBox anywhere on the web, making it a versatile tool for various online tasks.
  3. Text Organization: Organize your text with folders, colors, and even pictures, allowing you to easily manage and find your templates.
  4. Sharing and Selling: PromptBox allows you to share or even sell your prompts, making it a useful tool for collaboration or monetization.
  5. Integration with Favorite Apps: Use PromptBox seamlessly with your favorite applications, enhancing your productivity across different platforms.
  6. Variables: The new feature of Variables enables you to customize and personalize your prompts, making them more adaptable to different situations.
  7. Right-Click Direct Save: Easily save prompts by right-clicking on the text, providing a quick and convenient way to store your templates.

Use Cases:

  • Copywriting: Speed up your copywriting process by quickly accessing and pasting templates for email replies, job descriptions, sales text, or any other text-related tasks.
  • Programming and Coding: Use PromptBox to store and retrieve frequently used code snippets or architecture templates, boosting your programming efficiency.
  • Art and Creative Writing: Get inspiration and ideas with the AI Art Prompts, allowing you to explore different artistic styles or generate creative writing prompts.
  • Project Management: Organize your notes, ideas, and shared text within PromptBox, creating an idea bank that you can refer to for project planning and execution.

How to use it?

  1. Visit the PromptBox.
  2. Sign up or login to your account.
  3. Install the PromptBox extension for your web browser.
  4. Create folders and organize your templates based on your needs.
  5. Copy and paste templates using shortcuts or right-click to save directly.
  6. Customize your prompts using Variables for a more personalized touch.
  7. Share or sell your prompts with others, if desired.
Published on Feb. 5, 2024