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What is Remote Rocketship?

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Remote Rocketship is a platform that helps individuals find their dream remote jobs. The website offers a comprehensive search feature, allowing users to search for remote jobs based on various criteria such as job title, keywords, location, experience level, visa sponsorship, company size, employment type, tech stack, and minimum salary. With a database of 29,553 remote jobs, users can explore opportunities from anywhere in the world.

In addition to job listings, Remote Rocketship provides useful resources and advice for remote job seekers. This includes remote job salary data, tips for finding remote jobs, interview questions and answers, resume examples, cover letter examples, and information about radically transparent companies.

The platform also offers specific search options, such as searching for jobs by country, city, state, job title, entry-level positions, H1B visa jobs, skilled worker visa jobs in the UK, tech stack, or contract type.

Remote Rocketship caters to both individuals seeking remote jobs worldwide and companies hiring remote talent. The website provides a space for companies to advertise their remote job openings and find suitable candidates.

Published on Jan. 9, 2024