Forecasting shark attack risk with AI.

What is SafeWatersAI?

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SafeWatersAI is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to forecast and predict the risk of shark attacks. By analyzing past shark attack data and marine weather conditions, users can assess the risk level and make informed decisions about entering the water. It is an informational resource designed to enhance personal safety near coastal areas.


  1. AI-generated Risk Forecasts: Utilizes deep learning algorithms to generate shark attack risk forecasts based on historical data and marine weather conditions.
  2. Accuracy and Peer-reviewed Technology: Demonstrates an 84% accuracy in forecasting "high-risk" days based on previous attack days/locations. The technology has undergone peer-reviewed evaluation.
  3. Mobile App Availability: Offers a dedicated mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms, enabling users to access risk forecasts conveniently on the go.
  4. Ocean Conservation Efforts: Commits to donating 5% of profits towards ocean cleanup and conservation initiatives.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Safety: Helps swimmers, surfers, and beachgoers assess the risk of shark attacks and make informed decisions about entering the water.
  • Risk Management for Local Authorities: Enables local authorities to plan staffing and implement shark spotting measures based on risk forecasts, enhancing safety measures at beaches.
  • Environmental Impact: Supports the removal of shark nets in areas where the risk is low, contributing to the preservation of shark populations and overall ocean ecosystem.
Published on Jan. 27, 2024