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What is Sidekick Browser?

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Sidekick Browser is a private, fast, and secure web browser designed to enhance productivity and protect users' attention and data. It offers a focused work environment by eliminating distractions and speeding up workflow.

Sidekick is known for its tab suspension and memory optimization, making it three times faster than Chrome. It blocks data-grabbing ads and trackers, ensuring user privacy, and provides quick access to apps, documents, messengers, and search within the browser.

The browser offers features like turning favorite sites into apps, organizing tabs with sessions, quick search across apps and documents, split-view for multitasking, and a focus mode for a distraction-free experience. It also supports multiple accounts for various platforms and integrates web apps and extensions in one place.

Sidekick is developed with the aim of helping users regain focus, streamline their online work, and provide a secure browsing experience. The browser is founded by Dmitry Pushkarev and is funded by Kleiner Perkins. The browser has both a free version with basic features and a monthly paid plan with additional anti-distraction features.

Published on Jan. 9, 2024