Site Audit Pro

Professional site audit management.

What is Site Audit Pro?

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Site Audit Pro is a comprehensive tool that enables businesses worldwide to improve productivity by conducting and managing audits and inspections efficiently. It simplifies the process of creating professional reports and provides features for generating PDF reports, annotating photos, syncing data between devices, and more.


  1. Generate Reports: Create detailed PDF reports for your projects using customizable themes and options.
  2. Draw Annotations: Annotate photos within the app to highlight key items and add visual context to your reports.
  3. Web Access: Access your projects on your computer through the Site Audit Pro Web Portal.
  4. Sync between Devices: Seamlessly sync your projects between multiple devices for easy collaboration and workflow management.
  5. Create Projects: Quickly set up projects by providing titles, references, client names, and company details.
  6. Add Issues: Add and describe issues or items that need attention within each project.
  7. Add Photos: Capture and attach photos to each issue from your device or relevant file sharing services.
  8. Share Reports: Share your reports via email, text, instant messaging, or any other suitable app installed on your device.

Use Cases:

  • Construction and Site Management: Site Audit Pro is valuable for site managers, supervisors, and operatives to conduct site audits, document defects, and ensure compliance with safety standards.
  • Property Management: Property managers can use the app to perform property walks, move-outs, and inspections, streamlining their reporting and documentation processes.
  • Quality Control and Inspections: The app is suitable for conducting quality audits, hygiene inspections, product quality assessments, and building fabric inspections in various industries.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Site Audit Pro helps in conducting health and safety tours, documenting safety inspections, and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Factory and Manufacturing Audits: The app is useful for factory managers to perform post-cleaning inspections, hygiene audits, product quality checks, and overall facility inspections.
Published on Jan. 29, 2024