Modify any website in real-time.

What is

Visit Site is a powerful platform that enables users to modify any website in real-time, without requiring access to the website's source code. It allows users to make changes to web pages using Chrome Developer Tools, save their modifications, and share them with others through a unique URL.


  1. Real-time Website Editing: Edit HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code of any web page using Chrome Developer Tools.
  2. Save and Share Modifications: Save the modifications made to a website and obtain a unique URL to share the modified version.
  3. Simplified Workflow: Agencies and freelancers can streamline their workflow by providing clients with a unique URL to view real-time edits on their websites.
  4. Increased Conversion Rates: Sales and marketing professionals can install their app on any website and use the unique URL to showcase the app in marketing campaigns, leading to higher conversion rates.
  5. App Store for Web Developers: Website owners can explore, test, and utilize web apps from the App Store for Web Developers without writing code.
  6. Free Browser Extension: is available as a free browser extension, making it easy to access and use.

Use Cases:

  • Agencies and Freelancers: Simplify client communication by allowing them to view real-time edits on their websites through a unique URL.
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals: Increase conversion rates by showcasing apps live on customers' websites using the unique URL.
  • Website Owners: Enhance websites by trying out and implementing web apps from the App Store for Web Developers without coding.
  • Developers: Modify and experiment with websites in real-time to test design changes or demonstrate potential improvements.
  • Quality Assurance: Use to quickly apply modifications and test different scenarios on websites for quality assurance purposes.
Published on Jan. 28, 2024