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What is Smodin?

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Smodin is a powerful multi-lingual writing assistant that combines AI technology with research tools to help you write high-quality, structured content. It offers a range of features such as text rewriting, plagiarism checking, AI writing, homework solving, summarizing, grammar correction, and more.


  1. Text Rewriter: Effortlessly rewrite text while maintaining its structure and references.
  2. Plagiarism Checker: Detect and prevent plagiarism by checking your content against a vast database.
  3. AI Writer: Generate high-quality content on any topic by leveraging artificial intelligence.
  4. Homework Solver: Get instant solutions and detailed answers to your homework questions.
  5. Summarizer: Summarize text or websites to extract key information in a concise manner.
  6. Grammar Corrector: Improve your writing with AI-powered grammar and spelling correction.
  7. Citations: Generate references and citations in MLA or APA formats with a single click.
  8. Speech and Text: Convert speech to text or vice versa for easier transcription.
  9. Image to Text: Extract text from images for further editing or analysis.
  10. Subtitle Translation: Translate subtitles to different languages for videos or presentations.

Use Cases:

  • Academic Writing: Smodin helps students and researchers with research, writing, and citation generation for essays, research papers, and other academic projects.
  • Content Creation: Writers and bloggers can utilize Smodin to generate engaging and informative content on various subjects.
  • Language Learning: Smodin can assist language learners with grammar correction, translation, and speech-to-text capabilities.
  • Homework Assistance: Students can benefit from Smodin's homework solver to get instant answers and detailed explanations.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Smodin's plagiarism checker ensures originality and integrity in written work.

How to use it?

  1. Visit the Smodin website.
  2. Explore the various tools and features available on the homepage.
  3. Select the desired tool based on your specific writing needs, such as text rewriting, plagiarism checking, or AI writing.
  4. Follow the prompts or input your text to generate results or perform the desired task.
  5. Review and make any necessary adjustments to the generated content or utilize the provided feedback.
  6. Download or copy the final content for use in your projects, assignments, or publications.

API for Developers

Smodin provides an API that allows developers to integrate its powerful writing tools into their own applications or platforms. Here are some key details about Smodin API:

  • API Access
    : To gain access to the API, you need to subscribe to at least the Essentials plan.
  • API Keys: Once you have subscribed to a plan, you can easily create API keys from the API dashboard on your account page.
  • API Usage: The API allows you to utilize Smodin's writing tools programmatically, giving you the flexibility to automate and enhance your writing processes.
  • Words/Characters: The value you get for the API, in terms of words or characters, is equivalent to the amount you pay for your chosen subscription plan. You can subscribe to more words via the API dashboard.
  • API Documentation: Smodin provides comprehensive API documentation that guides developers on how to integrate and utilize the API effectively.
  • API Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the API, Smodin offers support to assist you in resolving them.

Pricing Plans

Smodin offers different pricing plans to cater to various needs. Here's a breakdown of the pricing options:

  • Starter Plan (Limited)
    • Monthly cost: $0 USD
    • Writing credits: 5 per week
    • Max input characters: 1,000
    • Tool usage: 5 entries per week
  • Essentials:
    • Monthly cost: $15 USD
    • Writing credits: 100 per month
    • Max input characters: 15,000
    • Tool usage: Unlimited access to all writing features
  • Productive:
    • Monthly cost: $29 USD
    • Writing credits: 500 per month
    • Max input characters: 50,000
    • Tool usage: Unlimited access to long-form content
  • Premium (Ultimate):
    • Monthly cost: $79 USD
    • Writing credits: 1,500 per month
    • Max input characters: 50,000
    • Tool usage: Unlimited access to sub-accounts

In Summary

Smodin is an exceptional multi-lingual writing assistant that offers a wide range of powerful tools to enhance your writing process and create high-quality content. With features like text rewriting, plagiarism checking, AI writing, and more, Smodin empowers students, writers, and professionals to write, solve problems, and succeed.

Published on Feb. 3, 2024