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What is Speechify?

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Speechify Text to Speech Voice Reader is a powerful Chrome extension that allows you to listen to any text you come across while browsing.

Whether it's a Google Doc, PDF, webpage, or even a book, Speechify can convert it into speech using its high-quality AI voices. With over 130 voices available in 30+ languages, Speechify provides a natural and fluid reading experience.


  1. Listen at any speed: Read up to 4.5 times faster than the average reading speed, allowing you to consume more content in less time.
  2. Listen on desktop or mobile devices: Your saved content syncs across all devices, enabling you to listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. Install the mobile app on your Android or iOS devices for seamless integration.
  3. Human-like voices: Speechify's voices sound remarkably natural, enhancing comprehension and retention.
  4. Screenshot image to audio: Take a picture of any text-containing image, and Speechify will read it out loud to you.
  5. Floating widget: Access the Speechify widget whenever you need it, allowing you to move it around, dock it, or hide it completely.
  6. Active highlighting: Easily read along with active highlighting, which helps you follow the text.
  7. Inline player: Seamlessly integrates into all websites, providing easy and quick access to the text-to-speech functionality.
  8. One subscription, multiple devices: With a single subscription, sync your content across all your devices.

Use Cases:

  • Students at any grade level: Read faster, retain more, and stimulate both auditory and visual senses by listening to your notes, textbooks, and other study materials.
  • People with disabilities: Speechify was originally created to assist individuals with dyslexia, but it has expanded to help people with various vision issues, reading barriers, and other disabilities.
  • Professionals like lawyers & doctors: Save time by reading important case files quickly, allowing you to become more familiar with your work in shorter periods.
  • Storytime: Parents can use Speechify to read their children's favorite books, providing entertainment and supporting early childhood development.
  • Productivity hackers: Speed up your reading and automate your life by using Speechify on productivity tools like Notion.
  • People who love podcasts: Convert articles, blogs, or PDFs into speech and listen to them while working out or engaging in other activities.
  • Avid readers: Efficiently read and share audio versions of Google Docs for review or collaboration.
Published on Jun. 5, 2024