Transform Notion content into an embeddable help center site.

What is

Visit Site is a platform that allows users to create an embeddable help center for their website using Notion. The website emphasizes the seamless integration with Notion to create an amazing help center site and widget.

With, users can enhance their existing workflow in Notion by using it for content creation. They can write and manage help documentation in Notion without having to learn a new tool. The platform automatically generates a help center site and an in-app widget based on the content created in Notion. This help center site and widget can be easily embedded into the user's website or application.

The platform also offers in-app user guidance, allowing users to add and embed their help center directly within their application. This provides instant help to users with contextual information. Additionally, is developing AI-powered user assistance, enabling users to interact with AI trained on their own documents and content.

Published on Nov. 24, 2023