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What is TasksBoard?

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TasksBoard is a desktop application specifically designed for Google Tasks. It offers a full-screen board interface to help users organize their tasks and increase productivity.


  1. Full-Screen Board: Provides a spacious and immersive interface that allows users to organize their task lists in a full-screen view, enabling better focus and productivity.
  2. Real-Time Task Sharing: Allows users to share their Google Tasks lists in real-time with team members by simply sharing a single link. This promotes collaboration and enhances team productivity.
  3. Integration with Google Workspace: Offers seamless integration with Google Workspace, enabling users to export their task lists to Google Sheets, attach Google Drive files, and link Gmail emails to their tasks.
  4. Synchronization Across Devices: Ensures that tasks and lists stay synchronized across all devices, including Gmail, Calendar, and Google Tasks mobile app. Users can access and manage their tasks from anywhere.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Task Management: Individuals can use TasksBoard to effectively manage their personal tasks and to-do lists, utilizing the full-screen board interface for better organization and prioritization.
  • Team Collaboration: TasksBoard facilitates team collaboration by allowing real-time sharing of task lists. It enables teams to work together on projects, assign tasks, and track progress collectively.
  • Project Management: With its integration with Google Workspace, TasksBoard can be used as a project management tool. Users can export task lists to Google Sheets for advanced tracking and analysis.
  • Remote Work: TasksBoard's synchronization across devices makes it ideal for remote work scenarios. Users can access and update their tasks from any device, ensuring productivity and efficient task management.
  • Enhanced Focus and Productivity: The full-screen board interface of TasksBoard eliminates distractions and provides a dedicated space for users to focus on their tasks, resulting in increased productivity.
Published on Jan. 29, 2024