Twine AI Launcher

App launcher and AI assistant.

What is Twine AI Launcher?

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Twine AI Launcher is a mobile app that combines the functionality of an app launcher with the power of an AI assistant. It integrates apps, notes, and tasks, providing quick access to ChatGPT for various tasks and information.


  1. Quick Answers: Users can access ChatGPT right from their homescreen to get quick answers, set timers, or inquire about the weather.
  2. Note and Task Creation: Twine's AI Assistant enables users to create notes, tasks, and reminders directly from their homescreen, allowing for easy life management.
  3. People Management: Twine can store information about people in the user's life and even compose emails and texts based on notes or tasks.

Use Cases:

  • Instant Information Retrieval: Users can quickly obtain answers to questions, set timers, or check the weather without opening multiple apps or conducting web searches.
  • Efficient Task and Note Management: Twine simplifies the process of creating and organizing notes, tasks, and reminders, enhancing productivity and organization.
  • Enhanced Communication: By remembering information about people, Twine enables users to easily communicate with others by composing emails and texts based on stored notes or tasks.
Published on Jan. 27, 2024