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What is VideoHelp?

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VideoHelp is a comprehensive website that offers a wide range of resources, tools, and information to help users with various video-related tasks and challenges. Whether you want to create DVDs, Blu-rays, convert video formats, edit videos, or learn about video technologies, VideoHelp has you covered.


  1. Forum: Engage with a community of video enthusiasts, ask questions, and get help with video-related issues.
  2. Software Downloads: Access a collection of popular and portable video tools for various tasks like video conversion, editing, ripping, and more.
  3. Guides: Explore an extensive library of guides and articles covering topics such as video streaming, downloading, authoring, capturing, converting, and editing.
  4. Glossary: Learn about video-related terms and definitions to enhance your understanding of video technologies.
  5. Blu-ray/DVD Region Codes Hacks: Find information and solutions for bypassing region codes on Blu-ray and DVD players.
  6. Blu-ray/DVD Players: Discover recommendations and discussions about Blu-ray and DVD players.
  7. Blu-ray/DVD Media: Get insights and recommendations regarding different types of Blu-ray and DVD media.
  8. Video Streaming Downloading: Learn methods and tools for downloading videos from various streaming platforms.

Use Cases:

  • Creating DVDs or Blu-rays: VideoHelp provides software tools and guides to help users create their own DVDs or Blu-rays from different video sources like online videos, DVDs, downloaded movies, and more.
  • Video Conversion: Users can download software tools from VideoHelp to convert videos from one format to another, making them compatible with different devices and players.
  • Video Editing: VideoHelp offers video editing software downloads and guides to help users edit and enhance their videos with various effects, transitions, and other editing features.
  • Learning about Video Technologies: Users can explore the guides, glossary, and forum discussions on VideoHelp to expand their knowledge about video technologies, such as Blu-ray, UHD, AVCHD, DVD, VCD, and more.
  • Troubleshooting and Support: The VideoHelp forum is a valuable resource for users facing video-related issues. They can seek assistance, ask questions, and find solutions to their problems with the help of the community.
Published on Jan. 30, 2024