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What is Webacus?

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Webacus is an innovative platform that offers a comprehensive collection of fast developer tools. It aims to streamline your development process by eliminating the hassles of switching between tabs and constantly copy-pasting data.

With Webacus, you can easily chain tools together, creating a unified experience for efficient web development.


  1. 100+ operations: A vast collection of operations ranging from encoding and decoding to formatting, hashing, authentication, browser-related tasks, date and time manipulation, number conversions, crypto operations, and more.
  2. Linked operations: Chain multiple operations together to calculate results in one go, eliminating the need for manual copy and paste.
  3. Save time with built-in filter: Instantly find and use any operation with the help of a built-in filter, saving time spent on searching through various resources.
  4. Favorites: Add frequently used operations to a custom list for quick and easy access.
  5. Custom operations: Create personalized shortcuts by combining multiple operations into your own custom operation.
  6. File support: Upload files and perform operations directly on them, enabling efficient data processing and saving results back to a file.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts: Use Webacus solely with your keyboard, enhancing productivity and convenience.
  8. Hex editor: Utilize the built-in HEX editor for cases where the result cannot be represented as a string, date, or number.
  9. Math evaluator: Perform complex mathematical calculations using the powerful math expressions evaluator.
  10. Privacy-conscious: Webacus takes privacy seriously and ensures the security of user information.

Use Cases:

  • Encoding and decoding data formats: Webacus allows you to easily encode and decode data formats like BASE64, URL, HEX, HTML, JSON, and more.
  • Formatting and minifying code: Quickly format and minify code in HTML, CSS, JS, and JSON to improve readability and optimize file sizes.
  • Hashing data: Perform secure hashing of data using various algorithms such as SHA1, SHA256, MD5, and more for data integrity and password storage.
  • Authentication tasks: Encode and decode HTTP basic auth and JWT tokens for secure authentication and authorization processes.
  • Browser-related functions: Parse user agents and URLs to extract useful information and customize user experiences.
  • Date and time manipulation: Manipulate dates and times by adding or subtracting time intervals, formatting them in different styles, converting timezones, and parsing date inputs.
  • Text editing operations: Perform various text editing tasks such as trimming whitespace, removing non-printable characters, replacing text, generating lorem ipsum, and obtaining text statistics.
  • Number conversions: Convert numbers between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal systems, and perform conversions between numbers and ASCII characters.
  • Converting between data types: Convert dates, numbers, and hex values to different formats for interoperability and data transformation purposes.
  • Working with X.509 certificates and crypto operations: Decode X.509 certificates, verify certificate chains, and perform cryptographic operations like encryption and decryption.

In Summary

Webacus is the ultimate companion for web developers, offering a vast collection of tools to enhance your productivity.

With its extensive range of operations, the ability to chain operations together, and features like favorites, custom operations, and file support, Webacus simplifies your workflow and eliminates the need for multiple tools.

Experience a unified and efficient development process with Webacus, and say goodbye to the fragmented and time-consuming copy-paste approach. Try Webacus today and elevate your development experience.

Published on May. 7, 2024